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 The United States Coast Guard has posted two military histories related to ResFlo-1 – one is on the Flotilla and another is on 83 Footers more generally:


USCG Military History: ResFlo-1




USCG Military History: 83-Footers



Several individuals have posted sets of personal histories and photographs related to ResFlo-1. Two good sites are:


83 Footers Association




Jack's Joint


The little known tragedy of Exercise Tiger occurred at Slapton Sands, Devon, not far from Plymouth. News of the diastrous exercise and the huge loss of life were kept under wraps to prevent any potential leaks in the run-up to the Normandy invasion. For more information see:


Exercise Tiger Association




Exercise Tiger Trust


Many thanks to M5PLY, Ivor Peters, who took me to Slapton Sands and told me the story.


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